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Rock climbing in the Fontainebleau forest

Fontainebleau forest and its caracteristic rocks is known on the international stage for its rockclimbing. This skill is practiced on low rocks generally without the use of ropes to fasten. In spite of the little height of these rocks, this forest is one of the most beautiful climbing spots of France.

Climbing areas of the Fontainebleau forest

Bloc Barbizon A FontainebleauBloc Cyclope A FontainebleauBois Le Roi Bloc Styrax

They are divided all over the forest. Among the most famous ones:

  • Le Cuvier;
  • Les Gorges d'Apremont (Barbizon);
  • Les gorges de Franchard;
  • L'Isatis (between Fontainebleau and Arbonne-la-Forêt);
  • Les massifs des Trois Pignons (between Arbonne-la-Forêt, Milly-la-Forêt and Le Vaudoué : la Canche aux Merciers, le 95.2, Le Cul de Chien, le Diplodocus, la J.A. Martin, etc).

Much of these areas are beyond the Fontainebleau forest:

  • Les rochers du Duc (Beauvais Champcueil, 44km of Paris);
  • Buthiers (Malesherbes);
  • La Dame Jouanne;
  • L'Éléphant (Larchant, 71km of Paris)...

Sometimes, some areas such as Videlles, Boigneville or le Puiselet are based on municipal or private grounds.

Somes forests are accessible by train, SNCF : Canon rock (Bois-le-Roi), Le Calvaire, Le Mont Ussy (Fontainebleau-Avon), le Restant du Long Rocher (Bourron-Marlotte), le Petit-Bois, le Gréau (Nemours) ou RER : La Troche (Orsay), Chamarande, Maisse, Boigneville, Malesherbes.

Pictures © Pat DEMASSY

Video rockclimbing at Fontainebleau

Instead of a long speech, discover rockclimbing in the Fontainebleau forest by viewing this video.

Rockclimbing at Fontainebleau on Rocher Canon France Bleau

Access to climbing spots of the Fontainebleau forest

To get to these spots, you will have to take your car, especially for the equipment transport (voluminous reception carpet , climbing shoes, water, food, clothing, rock brushes ...).

However, it is possible to go to some spots by train leaving the campsite. From the Fontainebleau/Avon railwaystation, buses will take you to the forest.

The climbing spots are very scattered in Fontainebleau forest, it is difficult to go by bike starting from the campsite.

Climbing frame

There are associations or sport clubs like Le Club Alpin d'Ile de France (CAF), Le Comité de Défense des Sites d'Escalade (Cosiroc), la FFME (French mountain and climbing Federation) to supervice practice.

Climbing seasons

There is no specific climbing season. You may find climbers all year long in the forest, the most important is to avoid rain and high summer temperatures. We have noticed at our campsite that the most convenient period seems to be from April to the beginning of June.

Extra information

Download brochure concerning good climbing practice in the Fontainebleau practice, with a map of climbing spots.

Generally, you will find topos in the area libraries such as "Escalades Hors pistes à Fontainebleau" from librairie Arthaud. These are good information sources and English speakers can order nice topos on the internet at

Varappe et escalade en forêt de Fontainebleau: