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Discover Fontainebleau and its forest

Fontainebleau, horse capital, is a horse village with a police team by horse.This the "godmothers" city of the Garde Républicaine, deeply attached to its tradition.

Caracteristics Fontainebleau forest

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Fontainebleau forest, formerly called Beer forest (of"bruyère") is a huge forest of 25 000 ha, of which 21 600 ha are state-owned nowadays. This forest, with the city of Fontainebleau in the middle, is situated in the Seine-et-Marne department.

Fontainebleau forest is divided and crossed by the highway A6, as well the national roads 6 and 7, and the line Paris-Lyon to Marseille-Saint-Charles. Each year, millions of visitors come to walk here, with an average of 13 millions.

This forest offers a wide range of tracks and roads of which some still belong to the period of the Kings of France as some areas still bear their names. A this moment 365 km of tracks are marked out in the forest.

The forest is composed of additional forets such as the des Trois-Pignons forest at the West side, the Barbeau forest at the North East, the Champagne-sur-Seine forest at the East as well as the Larchant-La-Commanderie forest at the South.

You can find here remarkable buildings such asAqueduc de la Vanne, l'Aqueduc du Loing, the vestiges of Prieuré de Franchard, the Tour Denecourt and a lot of other things to discover.

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Fontainebleau, splendid forest by Office-National-Forets

Fauna and flora Fontainebleau

Inside the forest one can count approximately 200 bird species and other big mammals as well as wild boars,deers,roe deers and badgers.

Nowadays this spot is protected by environmental measures like Forest protection, Natura 2000, Réserve de biosphère, Natural ecological interest zone, faunistique et floristique, Site Classé, Réserve Biologique and Réserve Naturelle Volontaire.

A forest which inspires artists

Fontainebleau forest is world famous for having inspired these XIXth century artists: impressionnist painters and the Barbizon school, as well as photographers, writers and poets, movies are shot here regularly .

Sports activities at Fontainebleau

It is a worldwide known climbing spot between the 3 main ones for its sites called by the climbers "L'escalade at Bleau". Among these famous sites you will find Bas-Cuvier, Les Gorges d'Apremont (Barbizon), Franchard-Isatis (Dans les gorges de Franchard), le 95.2 (Milly-la-Forêt), le Cul de Chien (Noisy-sur-Ecoles), le Diplodocus (Le Vaudué)...

You can also practice Canoe on the Loing, take your mountainbike or go hiking in the Fontainebleau forest : hiking at Fontainebleau.

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